Nature Walk

Ladore Camp, Retreat & Conference Center, owned and operated by The Salvation Army, embodies an international religious and charitable organization’s values. Driven by love for God and a commitment to all humanity, Ladore provides a warm and inviting setting. It’s an ideal venue for Christian organizations, non-profits, churches, schools, and youth groups to host various events, including conferences, retreats, ministry programs, banquets, funerals, organization dinners, and family reunions. The possibilities are endless.

Open yourself to the camaraderie and love of the Christian community at Ladore; it’s an unparalleled experience. Surrounded by 1,200 picturesque acres in the northern Pocono Mountains, visitors are inspired by nature’s wonders year-round. Imagine taking a stroll and feeling the mist from a nearby waterfall, witnessing a stunning sunset, or embracing the beauty of a sunrise. Ladore offers a serene environment for reflection, allowing guests to appreciate God’s creation.

Central to the campus is the stunning 265-acre Lake Ladore. Visitors can experience nature up close through kayaking, canoeing, or rowboat rides, with the option to learn about the property’s history on the USS Ladore. Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy the great fishing spots at Ladore with proper licenses and equipment.

With a plethora of engaging activities available year-round, boredom is never an option at Ladore. The facilities provide a diverse range of indoor and outdoor leisure activities. The comfortable living and dining spaces are designed for relaxation and rejuvenation, free from distractions.

Consider Ladore for your organization’s next conference or retreat. Escape the distractions of daily life to focus on your group’s mission amidst the unspoiled beauty of nature in these woodlands, fostering gratitude for life’s blessings.