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Senior Sessions

“A Cruise on Land” is the perfect term to depict a senior retreat at Ladore. Our program caters to individuals aged 50 and above, providing an affordable escape. Scholarships may also be available in certain instances. Each week features a unique theme and schedule, yet the beauty of the retreat lies in your freedom to choose your activities. You can participate in scheduled events or opt for something entirely different.


Ladore offers an ideal setting for your upcoming conference or retreat, catering to various groups such as men, women, youth, or couples. With a commitment to creating a memorable experience, Ladore provides affordable rates and a versatile venue tailored to your requirements. A conference or retreat at Ladore aims to enhance you as an individual, a team player, and most importantly, as a follower of Christ.


Special Events

Ladore hosts a range of special events throughout the year. From Family Vacation Weekend, Veterans Open House, Festive Holiday Craft Fair Weekend, and Indoor Yard Sales…these events offer a chance to step away from your daily routine and unwind.


Summer Camp

Summer Camp has a lasting impact on children. One of the greatest gifts you can give a child is a sense of success and achievement. Summer Camp teaches kids to be active, ask questions, seek help as needed and try new things. It introduces them to new challenges they have not already experienced. Ladore is a well rounded camp offering all the typical camp activities in a Christian environment.


Only Native American Indians lived in this area up to 1749. In 1749, about 300 Indians of the tribes of the Onondaga, Mohawk, Cayuga, Tuscarora, along with the Seneca, Shawnee, Delaware and Mohican, realizing that the white race was gradually pushing them away from their ground decided to sell what is now Wayne, Pike and eight adjoining counties to the Proprietary Government for 500 pounds of Sterling, valued at about $2,500.00.

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The rooms are spacious and the public bathrooms are the cleanest and nicest smelling than in most hotels!
Breakfast food is great, vegetables are always good. Because I have a low sodium diet, wish there was less
Salt used in dinner meals.

There is a great space for sewing, ironing, cutting out patterns and shared friendship communication which
Is what I believe to be the best!

–Peg Schmidt

What a great place for groups to work on their sewing and make new friends & meet their old (friends, that is). Lol, The Lodge is so comfortable and clean. Staff is very friendly & helpful and the food is delicious. If you’re tired of quilting you can enjoy the large hot tub & beautiful indoor swimming pool. I find it very relaxing & spiritual being there and love taking my walk every morning down to the lake. Thank you for this beautiful retreat.

–Doris Masten

A lovely place, with wonderful ambience. I recently attended a Quilting Retreat and it was so nice. The rooms were clean and comfortable. The meals were outstanding! The staff helpful and courteous. I am looking forward to the next event!

–Cathy Lewis

Everyone was so nice the food was awesome, very clean beautiful area.

–Bernedette Nesmith

Ladore is a beautiful place. Great food, very comfortable rooms & very lovely, hospitable staff.

–Kathleen Stinson Armato

I’ve gone twice, last year with the GOLDEN GEMS and my BFF, Sharon Collins. Unfortunately she joined our Father in heaven in October during my stay at Camp Ladore this year. My Cousin Jeanette, as my roommate this year, we experienced great fellowship, good food and entertainment with wonderful people again. Us Seniors, also “Ziplined”, at camp Ladore Retreat. Cuz made the cover of S.A. Connect magazine. Her face tells it all!! Can’t wait for 2018

December 1, 2017

–Denise Watson

I thought it was awesome and beau-tea ful just as the Lord tells us we are. I had the best time ever and I want to go back and be blessed again by the services, they really touched my heart and I know more now how much God loves me and cares about me. He is my all in all and always will be. I love Ladore Retreat and Conference Center.

June 3

–Carol Wing

It’s always a nice weekend away with my crafting friends when we gather at Ladore! The staff is always so courteous and friendly, the facility is always spotless and comfortable, the meals are always wonderful, and don’t even get me started on that hot tub! ???? Thank you for always making my weekend away an enjoyable one!

–Jenn Lewis