Is alcohol allowed?

Alcohol is prohibited. We do not allow alcohol of any form.

Can we do our own cooking?

Due to our insurance we are unable to allow outside groups to use our commercial kitchen facilities.

What if I want something on the menu that isn’t listed?

Let us know what it is and we’ll see if it is possible to add it. If there is an additional charge we’ll also let you know.

Are we restricted on linen colors?

We offer white, forest green, maroon, sea foam green and mauve tablecloths. We can also provide linen like napkins. If you desire other colors or textures there are a number of rental companies in the area that may be able to provide what you need.

Is there a limit to the number that we can invite?

Attendance is only limited by the venue you choose. Reference information on our meeting rooms is available to determine the maximum numbers in each area.

Do you allow children?

We do. One of the benefits of Ladore is the open spaces where children can get their wiggles out before or after the ceremony.

Do you allow dancing?

We do but flooring depends on the facility where you are having your reception. The Lodge has carpeted surfaces, while the Carousel and PARC feature tile floors.

Can we decorate?

Yes, but if a ladder is needed then the Ladore Maintenance department will be needed because of safety regulations. There is an additional charge of $30 per hour. We will need adequate time in advance of your set-up to provide maintenance personal in a timely manner. Please discuss this when you are making your arrangements