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The Great Outdoors – Getting “Smore” of Ladore!

We have guests that come to Ladore Lodge year after year; they just want “Smore” of Ladore. “Smore” fun, “Smore” new and old friends, “Smore” fresh air and fresh memories. Consider relaxing atop a mountain that affords a view for miles, no traffic or horns blowing. Just that gentle whisper of the wind. Lush foliage and green meadows edged by the beauty of dense forest. The occasional deer and fawn inch their way out of the woods to investigate the area. Don’t you need to be in the middle of this? Ladore is all about nature and taking the time to draw closer to God – to hear His gentle voice. Where better to do that than in the middle of His beautiful creation?

The 2023 theme of “The Great Outdoors, getting “Smore” of Ladore” captures the spirit of the great outdoors with all of the modern comforts Ladore has to offer. In recent years, we have installed new beds and USB-port lamps, new ADA-height room toilets, new indoor and outdoor group games. And 2023 will bring its own surprises and fresh ideas.

Single – $391.00 per person Double – $275.00 per person Monday – Friday 5 Days / 4 Nights w/ 11 Meals

Come get “Smore of Ladore” by contacting Cathy at 570-488-6129 Ext 157, or contact your group leader.