At Ladore we believe many of life’s grandest rewards and experiences begin at 50!  Since 1975, The Salvation Army has been catering to the needs of Seniors via a getaway at Ladore.  Each year thousands of guests, age 50 and older, return to Ladore or visit for the first time.  Our program is often referred to as a “Cruise on Land”.  It’s a week’s vacation with the option for seniors to participate in the various scheduled programs and activities.

Pontoon Boat Ride

Pontoon Boat Ride

The Adult and Senior getaway is about the participants!  A wonderful time of fellowship and fun, it creates an atmosphere where seniors from all over can come together, get to know one another, make new friends and reconnect with old friends. Seniors who’ve attended often make this an annual event.

Each year the program department selects a theme for the summer – the 2018 theme is “Passport Around The World”

Do you remember that old movie” Around the World in 80 Days”? How about Around the World in 106 days? That’s the number of days we will be traveling with Ladore Senior campers this year. While we can’t promise that we will make it totally around the world, we’re going to give it our best shot. We can  guarantee a visit to China & Thailand, but travel to the other countries will have to remain a surprise for now.
Where would you love to visit, if you had the money and time to go anywhere you wanted? If you tell us
early enough, who knows, we might be able to arrange it!

Wouldn’t it be great to learn how some other countries worship our Father God? Some of our chaplains
have visited some other countries and will be able to share some of that with us. I am grateful that God
really does have the whole world in His capable hands. In 1 Chronicles 16:8-12, in The Message we read,
“Thank GOD! Callout His Name! Tell the whole world who He is and what He’s done! Sing to Him! Play
songs for Him! Broadcast all His wonders! Revel in His holy Name, GOD-seekers, be jubilant! Study GOD
and His strength, seek His presence day and night; Remember all the wonders He performed, the miracles
and judgments that came out of His mouth.” That sounds like a great way to spend our summer at Ladore,
praising God as we travel the world. Is your passport ready? Not to worry, we’ll have one ready for you
when you arrive, so call today and make your reservations to see the world with us at Ladore in 2018.

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Scholarship Application 2019 Please be aware we cannot accept 2019 Scholarship Forms until after February 1st 2019 to reflect current income  for 2019

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